One of the best reasons for being an entrepreneur is that it allows you to be creative, test out new ideas and simply “have fun” with the business.

Last week I did something I need to do more often. I signed out of e-mail for the afternoon, turned on iTunes Radio and busted out my old magazines, a glue stick, scissors, and poster board and created a good old-fashioned vision board.

I used to L-O-V-E making collages as a teenagers. Any thing I could glue down was fun and artsy in my mind.

This time was a bit different though. Lately I’ve found myself working “in” the business more than I’ve been working “on” it. Of course is needed at times, however I found myself not as excited each day. I needed some inspiration and decided it needed to be in a visual format – and that I’m the one responsible for creating it.

I didn’t have anything quite in mind when I got started. I just made sure to have a variety of magazines (some fashion, some fitness, some local San Diego publications) and also opened up my Pinterest boards for some inspiration on my favorite places and spaces.

Once I was settled in on the living room floor, I cranked up the music and got to cutting out images, words, quotes and anything that even simply resembled or represented what I find important and want to be a part of who I am.
Many people use a vision board to document their dreams and those things in life they hope to acquire / achieve or “cross off their list.” With my board, I did some of that, but really strived to focus on the lifestyle I want to lead and who I want to be more than the things or possessions I want.

If you look closely, you’ll see quotes such as “You Gotta Be You,” “Simply Balanced,” “Connect to Your World,” and “Comic Relief,” which serve as reminders to be true to myself, balance my time between work, myself, family and friends and to remember to have some fun! These aren’t items that will be crossed off my list, but will be incorporated into who I am (some already are – I find myself hysterical and laugh at my own jokes on a daily basis).

Travel, a healthy marriage, friends and family, serving as a leader and change maker and simply loving myself are part of what I envision as a successful life. Now when times get tough or stressful, I have the visual reminder not of the possessions that I want, but of the experiences I desire and the person I’m striving to be.

Are you ready to create your own vision board?

Although Pinterest will serve as a great virtual board, it’s not likely to be something you’ll look at on a daily basis. That’s why I encourage you to make the investment and create a board for yourself and even put it in a fancy frame if you’d like. (I created mine on poster board and used thumb tacks to secure it to a framed cork board. Thrifty, I know).

Things to keep in mind when creating your Vision board:

  • Make it about you. Don’t think about what other people have or what you think you “should” want or do. Include what feels right.
  • Set aside an afternoon. Either plan for no interruptions or create an event of it and invite some friends over to work side by side.
  • Think about the goals you’re hoping to accomplish. Is it being debt free? Purchasing a new home? Getting a promotion? Growing your family? Saving for college? Traveling? These are things to include in your board.
  • Don’t discount your lifestyle. Aside from goals you want to reach, what will it take for you to be truly happy? What does a happy life include for you?
  • What kind of person do you want to be? Are their habits you’re trying to kick such as smoking, overusing your credit card or losing touch with family? Include images that motivate you to get on track.
  • Be diverse. Use various magazines, online images, fonts, pictures and landscapes to create a board that is unique to you.

Ultimately a vision board is not going to physically create change or take action for you. What it will do is serve as a daily reminder of inspiration and motivation to make changes, stay or get on track and manage your money and life to reach for success.