When I started Workable Wealth last year, I got a lot of head turns. Why give up a steady paycheck and the stability of a growing career? Why not wait a few years? Why focus on a demographic that doesn’t have millions yet?

I was hit with a ton of questions (and plenty of weird looks). A technology-driven financial planning company that focuses on 20- and 30-somethings? Didn’t I know this couldn’t be profitable?! There were a lot of naysayers about the adventure I was embarking on and many of them came from within my own industry. The thing about all the questioning was that is actually turned out to be a blessing. Leading up to launching Workable Wealth and even now, a year later, I’ve been consistently challenged about the type of business I’m building – which ultimately, has forced me to hone in on and craft my WHY. In the beginning I stumbled over the questions, shaky and a little unsure of myself. It took time, but my answers are now clear, concise, and typically prompt my challenger to back down. (Showing success also gets people to back off.) In turn, I’m motivated and inspired to continue shaking up what can be an old boys club of an industry.

So Why Does this Matter for You?

Stop for a minute and think about your finances. Is it the tangible items you purchase that motivate you and make you feel successful or is it the experiences you put your money towards? What are you saving up for right now? Is it new technology, a vacation, a new home or are you tackling debt and building up your emergency fund? Whatever it is you’re looking to do with your money –  WHAT’S YOUR WHY?

  • Why are you saving for these items or spending the way you do? Forget the fact that you simply “want it.”
  • How will reaching those goals and acquiring these things make you feel? Secure? Free? Powerful?
  • What’s the WHY behind your money?
  • What’s the ultimate reason behind your desire to earn more, save more or experience more? How does it translate into your life?

When I meet with new clients, I always ask the question, “if we were meeting a few years from now, what would have had to happen for you to be happy?” Take some time to answer this question for yourself. Take your time. The things that need to happen in order to make you happy are linked to your WHY. And understanding your WHY is what will keep you in line when the roadblocks pop up. It’s what will empower you to move forward and is the reason you will meet your goals. It’s how you’ll show yourself and others that you’ve got this money thing under control.

Birthday Sale

Because it’s our Birthday (and birthdays are a time of celebration and fun), I’m offering $250 off my initial planning fee on the Financially Sound package for new clients through September 30th, 2014! To take advantage and start using your money to create and live a life you love, schedule your free 30-minute focus session here. To obtain the discount, contracts must be signed by 9/30/14.