6 Weeks of Money Fun and Intensity that Will Leave Your Finances and Your Marriage on Solid Ground

Ditch the stress and gain power, strength and motivation by learning to:

  • Manage and grow your money together so that you can build the life you're envisioning as a team.
  • Start saving – even with the smallest amounts.
  • Tackle debt with a strategy that will eliminate it.
  • Streamline communication and money tracking in a way that makes is fun!
  • Work together to create and prioritize goals that are tailored to your needs and wants.
  • Manage changes you’ll face post-wedding with insurance, company benefits, taxes, and estate planning.
  • Invest and build your nest egg for retirement.
  • Enjoy your money, have more fun in your marriage and have confidence knowing that you have a plan in place for your finances.

Married or Engaged?

If you’re questioning where to begin with getting your marriage on the right financial footing – this bootcamp is for you. Learn how to work as a team, hold each other accountable to goals, handle savings and investments, and most of all – make managing your money fun by using it to build a life you love!

This Is Your Financially Ever After

Post-wedding can be a time of questions and confusion. The Newlywed Money Bootcamp will coach you through the decisions and changes ahead and get you started on the right track with your money and your honey!

Newlywed Money Bootcamp Module Overview

Module 1:

There’s No “I” in Team: Communication & Goal Setting

  • Discover the financial changes you’ll face after marriage.
  • Work through Money Questions and Conversations surrounding your past, present, and future.
  • Work through setting, managing and running monthly money dates.
  • Craft and prioritize clear-cut and obtainable goals that reflect your values.

Module 2:

Your Financial Health: What You Own, What You Owe & Why it Matters

  • Get the most out of calculating your net worth and learn to use it to measure your financial progress each year.
  • Shape up your account organization to clearly track assets and debts.
  • Learn what goes into your credit score, tricks to improve it, and tips for managing it successfully.

Module 3:

Cash Flow Planning & Debt Dumping

  • Boost confidence in setting and sticking to a monthly spending plan that works for two.
  • Bust your bad money habits.
  • Discover how to prioritize and strategize debt pay down so you can knock it out for good.
  • Ditch the deprivation and learn to make room in your budget for your past, present and future.

Module 4:

Using the Right Kinds of Protection: Estate Planning & Risk Management

  • Discover the kinds of insurance that you do and don’t need now that you’re married.
  • Learn the updates you need to make to your current accounts in case something happened to you.
  • Optimize your company benefits and stop leaving any money on the table.
  • Learn what forms you should have in place to document your wishes.

Module 5:

Retirement Accounts, Considerations and Savings

  • Find the power in starting today vs. the drawbacks of waiting to save.
  • Discover the types of accounts available to you to save for retirement and considerations for each (401(k), Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, etc).
  • Learn what costs you should be considering for your retirement.

Module 6:

Investing for Financially Savvy Couples

  • Cheat sheet on questions to ask when it comes to investments.
  • Learn the difference between stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, and why it matters to you.
  • Gain access to tips on how to manage your investments for success over the long-term.

You will also get access to...

Bonus Worksheets & More!

  • Guide to a New Home Purchase
  • Thinking about a Family: How to Prepare for a Baby
  • 7 Money Decisions to Make Now that You’re Married
  • 9 Steps to Workable Wealth E-Guide
  • Money Date Sample Agenda
  • How-to Guide for Celebrating Financial Wins
  • Money Organization Workbook

Pricing: $147

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Access to the Newlywed Money Bootcamp is yours for $147, making it an affordable option to begin your financial journey on. If after the course you feel like you’d like some personalized one-on-one coaching, that’s when we’d set up a call to discuss individual financial planning services.

And yes, this course can be purchased as a gift for the newlywed and engaged couples in your life!

The Newlywed Money Bootcamp includes:

  • 6 Complete Money Camp Training Modules Breaking Down Financial Topics with homework.
  • Money Pages: Over 20 pages of printable PDFs to help you kick off your marriage on the right financial foot.
  • Lifetime Access to Newlywed Money Bootcamp (as long as it’s open).

The Newlywed Money Bootcamp is for You if:

  • You’re engaged or have been married for under 5 years and don’t feel like you’re where you should be with finances.
  • You want clarity and a plan around your money, but aren’t sure how to proceed.
  • You’re tired of fighting about money or feeling like you’re just not on the same page with your partner.
  • You’re committed and ready to work together as a team to tackle financial issues and make progress.
  • You want to feel confident knowing you’re prepared in case of emergencies and are saving for your future.
  • You’re willing to learn, do the work and get a little uncomfortable.
  • You’re done making excuses about finances and putting off learning about your money.
  • You’re tired of feeling intimidated by fancy industry lingo, older men behind mahogany desks, and people making you feel like you need to have more money to actually have a plan to take care of it.

The Newlywed Money Bootcamp is NOT for You if:

  • You aren’t on board with working with your partner to move your finances forward.
  • You’re looking for a quick fix for your finances and aren’t ready to be held accountable to getting your money organized.
  • You’re comfortable keeping financial secrets from your significant other and / or going it alone.
  • You believe you’ll just “figure it out” along the way.

What You Can Expect from the Newlywed Money Bootcamp:

  • Upon enrollment, you’ll receive instructions for how to access the Membership Portal which will be your home base for all course content and stocked with tons of resources.
  • A fun, easy to follow training plan via videos guides, worksheets and guides.
  • 6 Weekly Modules consisting of 1-3 video trainings each plus follow up homework and action steps.
  • A breakdown of the financial basics into easy-to-follow steps and moves.
  • Lifetime access to course content plus bonuses for as long as the course is open.
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About Mary Beth Storjohann

Hi! I’m Mary Beth Storjohann.

I used to have anxiety around money until 10 years ago when I learned that you can control it instead of letting it control you.

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, I work as a writer, speaker and financial coach to help my clients make smart, educated choices with their money. I’m on a mission to empower my generation to get on the right financial track. I utilize a fun and educational approach in working with clients across the country to help them live an organized and stress-free life around money.

I’ve had a passion for helping young and new families throughout my career, but it wasn’t until I got married in 2011 that I realized the mountain of stress, confusion and communication that can really go into this partnership when it comes to handling your finances.

The first few months and even years of marriage are the most critical time to set your relationship up with healthy money habits as this is the stage you’ll be on for years into the future.

Managing money is hard enough as a party of one and now that you’re a duo, there’s an extra layer of complication added. Now is the time to learn how to effectively communicate about money, how to plan and manage your finances together, why it’s smart to start saving now, how to tackle your debt and the questions you should be asking of each other.

The Newlywed Money Bootcamp will do just that and more for you.

What Will You Be Doing After the Newlywed Money Bootcamp?

  • Feeling power over your finances and handling your money like a pro!
  • Effectively communicating with your spouse on a weekly basis about money and having fun with it! (No more anxiety and stress!)
  • Using your cash flow to tackle debt, save for today and plan for your future.
  • Have a clear idea of the right type of retirement plan for you.
  • Be set up with the right kinds of protection for you and your family.
  • Be knowledgeable about where your money is going and using it to live and build the life you value and envision.
  • Having confidence in your finances and marriage knowing that your money is organized and on track.
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Click a question below to expand the answer.

I’m not rich and this seems like a big investment. Is it right for me? +

Q: I’m not rich and this seems like a big investment. Is it right for me?

A: Although it may seem counter-intuitive, sometimes you need to spend money to get the clarity and peace of mind you’re looking for. This course is an investment, but once you commit, you’ll come out the other end with strategies that will have you saving money on taxes, on debt pay down and making your money work harder than it has before. This is a time when it’s important to set yourself up for success both in the present and in the future. This course will do that.

My friend / sister / son / daughter are getting married. Can I purchase this course as a gift? +

Q: My friend / sister / son / daughter are getting married. Can I purchase this course as a gift?

A: Absolutely! The Newlywed Money Bootcamp is a great gift for newly married couples. Once you purchase and receive your user name and password, simply print out the e-mail and pass along as your gift.

Do we have to go through the course together? Our schedules are different and we have little time together as it is. +

Q: Do we have to go through the course together? Our schedules are different and we have little time together as it is.

A: While my recommendation is always for couples to go through the curriculum or any type of financial planning process together, it can be completed by one partner. If you choose for only one of you to go through the course, I recommend scheduling time each week to sit down together for an hour to review what your partner has learned and would like to implement.

What happens if I fall behind? +

Q: What happens if I fall behind?

A: Life happens and it’s okay – as long as you stay accountable and get back on track. Upon payment, you’ll be granted lifetime access to the Newlywed Money Bootcamp and any changes that are made to it along the way. Meaning if you fall behind, you can pick back up right where you left off when things are settled down.

What’s the best way to tackle this course? +

Q: What’s the best way to tackle this course?

A: Schedule 2 hours each week for the next 6 weeks to go through the video and materials and to work on your own homework. Set a small win for yourselves as a way to celebrate completing each module to help you stay in the game.

Are you ready to change the conversation around money in your relationship?

Buy now to get your finances on track and start making smart choices with your money today.

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