Are you tired of getting to the Holiday Season and not having the funds on hand to get you through?

You don’t have to live in the southern hemisphere to think about Christmas in July. If you want to be financially prepared for the holidays this year, now is the time to think about putting your budget together and saving up for the festivities.

As much as we all love the holidays, the end of the year can be a really stressful time. You have to plan parties, host dinners, entertain family and friends…

…and figure out how to fit all these activities, plus shopping for gifts, into your budget. Worries over money add an additional layer of stress for most of us. It’s a spend-heavy time of year, and societal pressure to buy bigger and better gifts than the year before can weigh heavily on some people.

A study provided by the American Psychological Association showed that American adults stress out during the holidays largely because of the financial obligations they felt they had to manage (even on a limited budget). Here’s an excerpt from the introduction of the findings:

Commercialism and hype run rampant during the holidays as shops and advertising pressure us to buy more and more expensive gifts during this, their prime shopping season. The challenge becomes whether the family will have enough money and time to execute the perfect holiday without running up credit card debt.”

Obviously, it’s tough to enjoy “the most wonderful time of year” if you’re worried sick over how you’re going to make your money go far enough to cover all your spending needs.

The good news? You can take action now to help ensure you have a stress-free holiday season. Instead of worrying about money, you can relax and enjoy the festivities with your friends and family. And the better news? You don’t have to work to manage your money alone!

The first step is to plan today for the added expenses in a few months. Remember, doing nothing about your finances today leads to less choices tomorrow. Be proactive and decide to start today.

Here’s where I come in to help so you don’t have to tackle extra savings on your own. If you’re ready to enjoy the holidays rather than stressing over your cash at the end of the year, join me and participate in the Holiday Fund Money Challenge!

The Holiday Fund Money Challenge will help you plan ahead and start saving money now, so you won’t feel the financial crunch come November and December. If you choose to join me on this savings challenge, you’ll receive a helpful checklist and updates from me to keep you on track the whole way through.



Ready to know how this money challenge will get you financially prepared to handle holiday costs this year?

We have 18 weeks to Thanksgiving. If we start putting aside $25 per week until Turkey Day, we’ll have $450 in our Holiday Fund. That’s $450 that will be available just in time to handle all our holiday shopping and other spending obligations for the season.

How much easier would it be to manage your money this winter if you knew you already did the heavy lifting to create a holiday cash fund months before? If you’re ready to participate in the Holiday Fund Money Challenge, let’s get started together!

Click here to sign up for the challenge. When you do, you’ll receive your free checklist and regular updates to help you through the next 18 weeks. Don’t forget to share the challenge with your friends! [Tweet “I joined the Workable Wealth Holiday Fund Money Challenge!”]