Workable Wealth Has Merged With Abacus Wealth Partners


March 27, 2019

Life Update Ahead:

I started Workable Wealth because of my desire to make financial planning fun and accessible to the next generation. Over the past five years, Workable Wealth evolved from a company geared toward Millennials into a rapidly growing client family with ages ranging from 25 to 65 and a community focused on education, accountability and celebrations around our financial lives.

2018 was a record year of growth for our Workable Wealth client family and I found myself faced with a decision at the end of the year about how to best strategize around the growth of the company, while still providing the best service and education to clients and our audience.

Creating Workable Wealth and the Work Your Wealth platforms has been an amazing dream that has allowed me to reach thousands of families all around the country with the message of making smart choices with your money. Because of that I’m excited to share the news of this next phase of making an impact:

As of 3/1/2019, Workable Wealth has merged with Abacus Wealth Partners. Along with Ariel and me continuing to serve as Advisors, I’ve also taken on the role of Chief Marketing Officer at Abacus with a goal to help spread the message of “expanding what’s possible with money”.

I’ll be there to share my expertise in digital and online marketing to help us expand our online presence, reach new audiences and streamline our messaging across platforms. The Workable Wealth website and Work Your Wealth podcast will continue to operate as personal finance education platforms (so you can expect the same content geared towards smart money choices to be rolled out on our end each week).

About Abacus:

Abacus is a fee-only, independent firm with three physical office locations that serve clients in 42 states. The company manages over $2 billion in client assets and is a change-maker in the financial planning world with a focus on diversity and inclusion, impact investing and making financial planning accessible.

They have no investment minimums and are passionate about offering financial planning as an annual retainer broken into monthly payments to all their clients.

I’ve spent the past two years learning about Abacus and getting to know the company, their core values and their leadership team and I’m incredibly excited about our future here and for the new clients we’ll be able to bring into the Abacus family.

For those that have questions about this move, I also want to give a “real talk” update:

Abacus is an amazing company with a culture that I don’t even know where to begin telling you about. They share many of the same values I embody. They make money fun, just like I strive to. And they’re not afraid to laugh at themselves or to tackle big issues like using your money as an instrument for growth and for creating an impact. Admittedly, they (we) need a website refresh because what’s there now doesn’t do the company service. That aside, there have been so many times in the recent weeks that I’ve wanted to share openly about the wonderful conversations and initiatives going on at this company, but haven’t been able to (until now). Please know that this incredible group of people is creating REAL change in the world and I can’t wait to be a part of sharing the message behind the work being done.

For those that are concerned about my ability to “cut it” as an entrepreneur (yes, I’ve received some interesting feedback), I also want to share my perspective of this move (and Brian and I will be recording a podcast episode to talk through our decision process as well):

From an entrepreneurial perspective, I’ve built my first company and exchanged it for equity in another company as I’m now a partner at Abacus, so entrepreneurship still plays an active role in my life.

From a life experience standpoint, this opportunity has given me a breadth of experience and knowledge in managing business valuations and mergers / sales that I can also in turn lend to my clients when they consider going through something similar. In addition, the leadership and impact opportunities with Abacus are significantly larger and aligned with my life vision.

From a creating change in the financial services industry perspective, Abacus has more female financial planners on their team than many firms in existence today. Being able to demonstrate to a group of women what’s possible for the next generation of financial planners and to be an integral part in shaping that future is thrilling!

This move is about knowing what my life vision is for impact and how I could scale on my own versus partnering with others. I never wanted to just become a financial blogger or finance personality. If I create products to educate people, I’ve always wanted to have a way for them to also get the one-on-one advice. I haven’t had the capacity to do that on my own. Now, by partnering with the amazing team at Abacus, I do.

If you’ve been waiting to reach out about working together, now is a great time to jump in. Head here or here to book a call!


Mary Beth Storjohann, CFP® is an author, speaker, and financial coach who takes a fun, no-nonsense approach in working with individuals and couples across the country, helping them make smart choices with their money.

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