We utilize a fun and educational approach in working with professional and entrepreneurial women, young couples and families, and military families to help you organize, gain confidence and build security in your financial life. When it comes to money and finances, education and compassion are key. We make sure to talk through any topics you don’t understand, organize information in a way that makes sense, always look out for your best interest, never judge, and even when it’s tough, tell you the things you may need to hear.  

We’re not your typical

financial planners

We know first hand what it’s like to juggle multiple priorities. Advance your career, buy the house, save for your future, advocate for yourself at work, raise financially empowered kids, launch the business, and oh – try to find “balance” throughout it all. We know the fear, stress and confusion that money can cause and we’re here to help you learn how to control your money, instead of letting it control you. 

We’ll meet virtually, focus on what it means to live a life that you love, identify and prioritize your goals, and help you align your money with what matters most. There’s no fancy lingo and minimal charts and graphs. We put emphasis on educating and empowering you around your finances and holding you accountable to a plan that puts you on a path toward your goals. 

Words we Work by

Candid Sincerity: Honesty is our policy. We love (and listen) hard, but won’t sugar coat issues or resolutions.

Details Matter: The difference between mediocrity and greatness lies within the details. No details, no greatness.

Self-Start: We possess the self-motivation and drive to pursue continuous education, collaboration and improvement.

Generosity of Spirit: We practice kindness and empathy to effect change and create deep, meaningful relationships.

Professional Bio:

Mary Beth Storjohann, CFP® works as an author, speaker, and financial coach to apply a fun, albeit no-nonsense approach in working with individuals and couples across the country, helping them make smart, educated choices with their money.

She is the Founder of Workable Wealth, a platform that provides financial education and empowerment to those in their 20s – 50s. Mary Beth serves as the Chief Marketing Officer at Abacus Wealth Partners, a fee-only, independent firm that is a change-maker in the financial planning world with a focus on diversity and inclusion, impact & socially responsible investing, and making financial planning accessible.

Mary Beth makes frequent appearances on NBC as a financial expert and has been featured in major media outlets such as  The Wall Street Journal, Glamour, NPR, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, CNBC, Forbes, U.S. News & World Report, and more. Her accolades include the “Top 40 Under 40” by Investment News, “10 young Advisors to Watch” by Financial Advisor Magazine, and “10 of the Best Personal Finance Experts on Twitter.”  

Her book, Work Your Wealth: 9 Steps to Making Smarter Choices With Your Money, debuted as a #1 new release and cuts through the fancy financial lingo and breaks down complex money topics.

A military spouse until her husband Brian transitioned out of the U.S. Navy as an Officer, Mary Beth has a huge heart and love of our troops and their families and when not working with service members as clients, spends her time volunteering to educate this group. Mary Beth is a member of NAPFA, the XY Planning Network and the San Diego Financial Advisors Network.

If you can’t find her crunching numbers on her trusty HP 12C financial calculator, you can find Mary Beth interviewing leading experts on her Work Your Wealth podcast, writing, traveling (including frequent trips to Disneyland), enjoying a good glass of wine, or having an adventure in or around San Diego with her husband and two tiny humans.


Our Team:


Ariel Ward, CFP® joined Workable Wealth in 2018 as a Financial Planner and subsequently moved to Abacus Wealth Partners with Mary Beth is 2019 to continue their partnership. She has over a decade of experience in the field of personal financial services and in helping clients develop financial clarity. She is passionate about helping individuals and families understand their financial lives and make better decisions with their money.

Ariel helps her clients define their biggest goals, minimize their financial risks and build their long term wealth. She believes having a clearly defined financial plan gives her clients the ability to be more present with their families and friends and gives them the freedom to enjoy their life.

Ariel is married to a pilot and spends as much time as possible exploring the US with her husband and 2 children. She enjoys working with clients in the aviation industry to make the most of their employee benefits and map out a plan for personal financial strength. She is a member of NAPFA, the XY Planning Network and the Financial Planners Association.

Ariel works virtually out of Charlotte, NC. She enjoys North Carolina’s mountains, beaches and everything in between. In her free time you can catch her walking to one of Charlotte’s excellent breweries, playing Scrabble or building Lego houses with her kids.


You need and deserve unbiased, honest financial advice that makes money fun again.