Education is important.

Your financial planner should have the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM designation and be required to act as a Fiduciary (which means in your best interest).

Personality is key.

The right planner for you will meet your communication needs and will make you feel comfortable when diving into your own financial details. They’ll also be happy to dig into or break down topics to ensure you’re on track with recommendations and feel educated and empowered around your money

Experience is a must.

Your financial planner should be able to speak to the types of experience they’ve had in the industry and the variety of clients they work with now and it the past.

Transparency is fundamental.

The financial planner you choose to work with will openly discuss their planning process and fees in detail, outline expectations, and then meet them.

Fee-only is a plus.

Look for a financial planner who will only be compensated for the advice they are giving you and not for selling you a product.

Ask questions.

Asking questions is important when it comes to choosing a Financial Planner that is right for you. Make sure you’re comfortable with your planner based on their education, experience, personality and fees.

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Workable Wealth was created to help you make smart, well informed choices with your money. We utilize a fun and educational approach to help you organize, gain confidence and build security in your financial life.

We begin by addressing and identifying your goals as an individual or family and then look at your current financial situation. From there, we identify your planning gaps (issues preventing you from reaching your goals or remaining on track) and create and implement a solution to close them.

Financial Planning for

Professionals & Families

You’re juggling your career, bills, saving for retirement, trying to understand your employer benefits or navigate the world of investments, wondering if you can afford that new home or your kid’s college tuition – and can’t help to wonder why they didn’t teach you any of  this in school!

Let’s take some time to talk about your money questions, goals for the future and how we can work together to help you feel confident and secure in using your money towards building a life you love.

You started a business because of your passion. Now you’re trying to figure out how to maximize income, when and what amount to pay yourself, and and ways to handle saving for retirement.

You’re juggling multiple goals and trying to prioritize where to invest next in your business all while trying to get a handle on taxes and keep up with your personal expenses!

Let’s talk about your company goals, the money issues you may be facing and how we can work to get you on track to building a successful and profitable business that supports your personal goals.

Financial Planning for

Small Business Owners