Episode 74: (Best of 2018) Retire Early with Deacon Hayes


Behavioral Finance
Behavioral Finance
Episode 74: (Best of 2018) Retire Early with Deacon Hayes

This week is the second of The Best of 2018 podcasts where I sat down with Deacon Hayes about how to retire early.

Deacon was able to provide such great tips and tools for all those looking to work towards that financial freedom that I felt it had to be aired again as we approach the end of 2018. I’ve highlighted below just a few of the great takeaways from the episode but I also recommend heading back over to episode 56 where you will find more details on what Deacon and I discuss.

I hope you are able to take some of these tips and roll them into your planning as you look forward to 2019! Enjoy!


  • It only took Deacon 18 months to get rid of $52,000 in debt; he used that mindset to focus on retiring early
  • Finances and communication go hand-in-hand when you’re in a relationship
  • Don’t jus focus on getting to financial independence; have a plan once you get there
  • Deacon discusses three different ways to work towards early retirement
  • There’s more than one perspective when it comes to financial independence
  • “Lifestyle creep” can wreck havoc on your goals if you’re not careful
  • How to figure out your financial independence number
  • Early retirement has its traps too. Don’t fall victim to these common mistakes


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