Have you been looking for one-on-one access to a financial planner?

Are you wanting to get your money questions answered by an unbiased professional?

Due to the growth of Workable Wealth and my client base, I made the decision last year to only work with clients who are looking for ongoing assistance, accountability and coaching going forward in order to best serve them and pursue my passion. 

However, I’ve seen the need lately for a lot of one-off advice. Many of you have questions you’d like to chat about or guidance you need on a specific money topic, but aren’t quite at a place of needing ongoing advice at this time and aren’t comfortable chatting about your specific situation in a group setting. 

If this sounds like your situation, I’m opening up my calendar just for YOU! 


For one-time only, I’m opening up my calendar for 3 days to be filled with one-hour one-on-one sessions to answer YOUR money questions. 

  • Want to know how to tackle your debt?
  • Where to save your money?
  • How to budget better?
  • Gain specific insight to enhance your cash flow?
  • Review your employee benefits?
  • Do an insurance analysis? 
  • Figure out which retirement account you should be using?


This is for YOU. 

We won’t be able to get to everything during this time, but we will work to answer your most pressing money questions. 

This will be a working session. You’ll do the up front work to gather and organize information and we’ll sit down during our hour together to review it all and dig in!

This event is for three days only. When they are sold out, my calendar will be closed for these sessions. 


Reserve your spot below!

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