You want to focus on growing your business and doing the work you love, but you find yourself pondering questions like:

  • What’s the proper business structure for my business and will that ever change?
  • How do I maximize my net income?
  • How much should I pay myself and what amount do I need to put money aside for taxes?
  • How do I plan for business investments and goals?
  • How should I separate my business expenses from my personal expenses?


Let’s talk about your company goals, the money issues you are facing and how we can work to get your finances on track so you can focus on what you love to do.

Option 1: Business Basics

Cover the financial basics needed to run your business.

Business Basics is best for those who have been in business for less than a year or with net business revenue of less than $50,000 / year.

Topics Addressed

  • Goal Creation & Prioritization (Planning for business investments, new hires, purchases and more)
  • Business Balance Sheet
  • Business Cash Flow Planning: Spending & Saving amounts
  • Business Debt Reduction Strategy
  • Instructions on how to pay yourself from your business and recommended amounts
  • Recommended amounts to set aside for taxes
  • Access to list of Trusted Resources including bookkeepers, CPAs, attorneys, insurance brokers

Business Basics will ensure that you’re covered in handling the day to day financial management needed to build the business of your dreams.

Option 2: Business Fundamentals

Create the financial framework needed to support your growing business.

Business Fundamental is best for those who have been in business for over a year or with net business revenue of over $50,000 / year

Topics Addressed

  • All topics covered in Business Basics, plus:
  • Monthly Profit & Loss analysis for strategy and adjustments for 3 months
  • Net revenue maximization strategy – So you can earn more!
  • Retirement contribution analysis
  • Retirement plan recommendations
  • Tax Saving Strategies
  • A list of accounts to have open for your business
  • Recommendations for best business credit card
  • Pricing Strategy Review for product or services

Business Fundamentals will set you up for ongoing success in growing your business revenue and net income.

Ready to feel confident about your business finances?

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