Episode 33: How to Build and Leverage a World Class Network with Philip “PT” Taylor

Episode 33: How to Build and Leverage a World Class Network with Philip “PT” Taylor

Work Your Wealth
Work Your Wealth
Episode 33: How to Build and Leverage a World Class Network with Philip “PT” Taylor


This week I sat down with CPA, financial influencer and networker extraordinaire, Philip “PT” Taylor.

Philip is a CPA, husband and father of three. He created PTMoney.com back in 2007, and he founded FinCon, the annual marketing conference for financial influencers and professionals, in 2011. He got rid of debt, learned to live lean, saved his money, and eventually left his unsatisfying corporate career to pursue his entrepreneurial ventures full-time.


  • The simple things you can do to take control of your finances.
  • What permission and intentionality have in common.
  • How learning and talking shop can contribute to building your network.
  • Why joining forces instead of competition can enhance your professional life.
  • Strategies and steps to take when connecting and form relationships with people of interest to you.
  • Lesson’s PT learned by surrounding himself with a diverse and financially savvy group.
  • How to filter out the noise and determine which advice is best for you.
  • Why knowing your goals is the most important step in stopping the comparison game with others.
  • The growing and diminishing role frugality can play in your personal financial journey.




Episode 07: Finding Your Dream Career With Anna Runyan

Episode 07: Finding Your Dream Career With Anna Runyan

Work Your Wealth
Work Your Wealth
Episode 07: Finding Your Dream Career With Anna Runyan


This week I had the chance to chat with Anna Runyan, founder of Classy Career Girl.

Anna is the Creator of Corporate Rescue Plan™ and CEO of one of Forbes 35 Most Influential Career Sites, ClassyCareerGirl.com. She’s a winner of the Top 5 Blogs For Young Professionals by Levo League and one of 15 Career Experts To Add To Your Twitter Feed Now by The Muse. She’s been featured on Fox, ESPN, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and People Stylewatch Magazine. Anna was nominated as San Diego Magazine’s Woman of the Year (2016) and her podcast was ranked one of the top 23 career podcasts by CareerToolkit.com. She helps millions of women design and launch their dream careers, businesses, and lives through her website, online courses and social media channels.


  • How to determine what your career interests are.
  • What holds many people back from making a career change.
  • The #1 place to find those you should reach out to for informational interviews.
  • Who you should reach out to before making a career move.
  • How to financially prioritize a career change.
  • What specific questions to ask of those currently working in the career you’re interested in.
  • Specific follow up action items after connecting with others.
  • How to tackle the overwhelm of finding your dream career.




How to Land Your Dream Job

How to Land Your Dream Job

I don’t need to tell you why it would be amazing if you were able to land that dream job. Maybe it’s more pay. Maybe it’s exactly the type of work you love that wouldn’t feel like work at all. Or maybe it’s with a company that has created a culture that you know would allow you to do your very best work in the most awesome of environments. It’s possible that your dream job offers all of these opportunities. So if you’re currently looking for a new job or you’re starting to consider new possibilities, here are some quick and dirty tips on how to land your dream job, fast!

•   Create your own job description Without even looking to see what jobs are available out there, write down the exact job that you want. What company or companies would you be working for? What role would you have? What is your list of responsibilities? How would you be compensated and what other benefits would be offered? Knowing exactly what you want is exactly where you need to start if you are going to land your dream job. You’ll save a lot of time and energy by not wasting time applying for positions that don’t meet your criteria. We aren’t talking about landing just any job, after all. Stay focused on your big goal, here.

•   Craft your unique narrative You are more than a bulleted list of accomplishments on a resume. There is a story behind those titles, years and lists. What is it? Know it. Practice it. You have a unique story to share and your ability to be able to translate that story on paper or in person and how it relates to the dream position you’re after will help you in every way possible. Be captivating and make it memorable. People love stories. Make yours count.

•   Plant seeds You have over 500 connections on LinkedIn and even more across all your social channels and personal contact list. Make personal contact and share your story with them. Let them know what you’re looking for. Let them be another set of eyes and ears for you. You just never know when an opportunity might arise that may never get posted to a job board. Plant some seeds with your contacts and see what sprouts!

•   Write an individualized cover letter, every time It can be tempting to skip out on writing the cover letter that is usually optional on online application forms. Don’t. Think of your resume as your highlight reel of facts and figures. Your cover letter, on the other hand, is where you are able to say whatever you want to say to the hiring manager. Take the time to say something worth reading! Use your cover letter to make a great positive first impression. Let it show how capable and ready you are for your dream position. Make it impossible for them to ignore the great candidate you are for the position. Here’s a great article to help you if you’re a little skirmish about writing: How to Write a Cover Letter: 31 Tips You Need to Know (The Muse)

•   Make a (positive) splash on social media According to CareerBuilder’s annual social media recruitment study, the number of employers researching applicants online has steadily risen over the past few years. Fifty-two percent of employers use social networking sites to research job candidates, up significantly from 43 percent last year and 39 percent in 2013. Knowing this, it’s critical that your social media accounts are up to date and quickly showcase your value and good character. Let your social media presence be a reason the hiring manager calls you. Don’t post anything that may give the hiring manager of your dream job pause. The way you showcase yourself online matters, significantly.

•   Be yourself Be your honest self and let the best version of you shine through. Remain professional, but allow your personality and enthusiasm to come across to the hiring manager of your dream job. Cultural fit is a huge consideration for companies these days and your best bet is to remain authentic throughout the entire process. No matter what stage you’re at, it’s never too late to find your dream job or even create it for yourself. Knowing what you want and then doing everything you can to achieve it is a recipe for success. “Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.” – Henry David Thoreau

7 Ways to Invest In Yourself This Year

7 Ways to Invest In Yourself This Year

It’s a brand new year, which makes it the perfect time to be thinking about ways to prioritize your own personal and professional development. Different than those stressful and often unfulfilled New Year’s resolutions, setting yourself up for success this year can simply mean putting yourself first in certain areas and intentionally investing in yourself. The better you are, the better you do. So why not prepare yourself for future opportunities that align with your talents and skills in a fulfilling way? It’s time to make thoughtful investments in your most valuable asset: you! Here are seven ways to invest in yourself so that you can be the best version of you yet:

1.     Attend conferences that peak your passion Conferences are not only a great place to learn, but they are also a great place to network with leaders in your industry and become known. Very seldom do people bloom into their best selves by keeping themselves shut away. And while the cost of conference tickets plus airline and hotel can add up, if you are thoughtful and strategic about which conferences to attend and why, and plan ahead for the costs by stashing away each month (or getting your employer to sponsor your attendance) you can ensure you get the very most out of them.

2.     Start or join a mastermind group Having been in multiple masterminds myself, I can say that the power of a mastermind group in invaluable. These groups bring people together who are passionate, excited and committed to help each other grow. They provide a ‘safe space’ where participants help each other become better versions of themselves by challenging each other to set and meet goals, sharing ideas and supporting each other with honesty and respect.

3.     Discover you No matter how well you think you know yourself, going through a formal exercise of self-discovery is never a bad thing. Making the investment of time and a little money to rediscover your strengths, weaknesses and dominant personality traits is a healthy way to recalibrate in the new year and have a clear picture of where you are today versus where you might have been three years ago. The Gallup Strength Finder or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) assessments are a great place to start in gaining a little more insight into what makes you tick, which can help you more effectively focus your time and attention in areas that you are more likely to succeed and enjoy.

4.     Consider getting a formal mentor or coach There is pretty much a coach for whatever area of your life you are most interested in improving: life coach, professional coach, money coach, health coach and so on. What they all have in common, however, is that they will work with you on an individual basis to help you reach your goals and overcome anything that you may be struggling with.

5.     Establish a personal brand and online presence Establishing your personal brand online will only serve you professionally. In a world that is connected 24/7, it’s more important than ever that you create a positive perception of who you are when someone Google’s your name. Ask yourself what people should know about you and what you want others to think of you.  Between all the social media platforms, share a consistent message of who you are and what you’re all about.

6.     Put some hustle in your life Tap into your passions by turning them into a money-making business on the side. Maybe you have a full time job already, but it’s not leveraging all your talents and abilities. If it’s not possible to express certain passions you have from 9am to 5pm, use your other waking hours to. You don’t have to have ambitions of starting a Fortune 500 company in order to begin something that allows you to expend energy doing something you really love and, in turn, make some extra income in the process.

7.     Learn what you don’t know Whether it’s learning more about subjects that will enhance your professional growth and contributions or practical life skills, take the time to learn what you don’t know and never stop learning. There are thousands of free online college courses from accredited universities to keep your competitive knowledge of your industry sharp. Coursera.org is one such way to expand your knowledge for free.  The internet is full of resources, articles, blogs and videos on just about anything you’d want to know. Of course, one of the ongoing ways to invest in yourself is to get money smart and take control of your finances. All of these ways to invest in yourself this year have the potential to lead to more opportunities and higher income. Therefore, pay special attention to the finances that support your life and do what you can, now, to maximize the returns that may come your way. Related article: Start Now to Get Financially Ahead in 2016