You’re saving for retirement,

but aren’t sure if you’re doing enough.

You’re ready to invest your money,

but don’t know how to choose the right savings vehicles.

Fee Only.

Workable Wealth is a fee-only firm. This means that I don’t get paid commissions and do not sell financial products, which allows me to give unbiased and objective advice.


I will always act in your best interest. I’ve been doing this since day one of my career and long before it was required to happen.


Not only am I going on 13 years in the financial planning industry, but I’ve also experienced first hand some of the issues you may be facing. As a new parent, a military spouse, and an entrepreneur – I’ve been through the merging of finances, benefits, and household items, the building and growing of a business and have personally experienced the bumps in the road caused by serving in (or transitioning through) the military.


As an environmentally conscious, tech-savvy planner – the first things to go were the reams of paper used printing reports, letters and brochures. PDFs, easy to follow software, and virtual meetings make the planning process enjoyable and convenient (sometimes from the comfort of your own living room).

I’m fun, friendly – and direct.

I’m going to be your coach and accountability partner on this exciting financial journey, but I’m not going to sugarcoat it. When you come to me looking for financial guidance, I’m going to give you the facts. I’ll tell you where I see the red flags and what kind of adjustments need to be made. I’ll  also celebrate your wins, point out where you’re in the green, and let you know where there’s room for improvement.


I’m as committed as you are to your financial success and have been known to have a solo dance party when my clients reach their goals. I work with clients who are either looking to make a change in their life or are already on a path where they’re saving on an ongoing basis.


With a blog, newsletter, book, podcast, and ongoing access to me throughout your client engagement, you’ll never be short on financial tips and resources.

You’re trying to figure out how to save more,

pay down debt, spend less, protect your family, save for college, and hopefully take a vacation every once in a while!

You want a plan of attack that will

put you and your finances on a path to achieving the goals that are significant in your life.

I’m ready to schedule a session

and start working my wealth.